3 Ways to Entertain on your New Deck

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3 Ways to Entertain on your New Deck

During the winter months, it's easy to forget about sunny, summertime shindigs. But before long it will once again be time to head out to the backyard to fire up the barbecue and grab a cold beverage from the cooler. Even though you might presently be in hibernation mode, it's always a good time to be looking forward to the balmy months ahead. When the weather heats up, having a custom deck is crucial to maximizing the enjoyment of your backyard. For yourself, and for family and friends, it is an idyllic space to spend a Sunday afternoon in July. There are myriad ways to entertain on your new deck. Here are the top three:

An old-fashioned American barbecue

Get out the patties and the buns and the veggies and the skewers. Your family and friends are coming over to fire up the grill and sit back on the benches that were installed as part of your new custom deck. The deck is a gathering space, an outdoor living room where old stories are told and new memories are made. The pile of flame-grilled food seems as endless as the long, summer day. Your new deck is an excuse for you to stay home on the weekends, and a reason for your friends to join you there. Now is the time to start planning your dream deck that will host legendary barbecues. Sizzle, sizzle.


On clear Northwest nights, the sky lights up with constellations and shooting stars. Without leaving the house, there is no better place to observe the galactic phenomena than on your backyard deck. Roll out the sleeping bags and pile up the pillows. Whether with friends or the kiddoes, the deck is a safe, comfortable place to lay back at night and search for the Milky Way. Also, the deck will make a solid, level surface for your telescope. Sometimes it's best to turn off the TV and appreciate the natural world around us. Stepping outside onto your deck to do some stargazing is a convenient way to revel in the magic of the universe.

Formal dinner parties

Sure, the barbecue is classic. But sometimes you've got something extra special to celebrate, or a certain someone to impress. With a variety of high-quality outdoor dining sets available at affordable prices, there is good reason to dine on wine and salmon on your custom deck. Whether for a high school graduation celebration or a business meeting, your deck is a place to celebrate and to charm.

If you're considering building a custom deck, be sure to contact a true industry professional. For custom deck construction in Puget Sound, get in touch with Rainier Fencing & Decking at (253) 499-9108. Rainier is the gold standard of deck construction in Puget Sound. Give them a call and make your dream barbecue a reality.

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