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What's the Right Fence for Your Home?

Right Fence for Your HomeOne of the great joys of home ownership is being able to decide all the ways you want to decorate, secure and stylize your home, and that includes any fencing you do on your property. Maybe it's your first house, maybe it's a brand new house, or maybe it is just time to remodel your home and its grounds - a fence provides security and appeal to your property. There are many different styles of fence, so how do you know which one is going to fit your needs? Here is a quick list of some popular fence styles to help you decide what the best type of fence for your home is!

Picket Fence

It's almost inevitable that at some point you've thought about wanting a traditional white picket fence around your front yard. While very attractive, they aren't the most effective fence for keeping out intruders or providing additional home security.

Wrought Iron Fence

An iron fence can end up being more expensive, depending on how tall you would like it to be, but it is a long lasting and good looking option. Taller fences add security to the home and can help increase property value.

Wood Fence

A traditional wood fence is a good option for those who want an attractive fence but are on a budget. Generally less expensive to be built than metal or vinyl, wood fences will likely require more maintenance in the long run.

Chain Link Fence

One of the most affordable and easy options for fencing is chain link. While not often considered the most attractive option it does provide a fair amount of security without making you feel fenced in.

Split-rail Fence

This style of fence is an attractive option for gardens and other areas of the home but they sacrifice privacy and security as an outer barrier.

Post and Rail

If you are going for that rustic farm or ranch look, post and rail fences are a great option and are very versatile.

Lattice Fence

Lattice fencing is often light weight fencing that provides great support for plants and helps increase privacy around your home.

While style is often a top consideration for many people who are looking at fencing options it isn't the only factor. The price of materials and installation will also play a role. Talk to a professional fencing specialist about your wants and needs and let them give you the best options for your budget. For expert fencing in Seattle and the surrounding area, such as Auburn, Bellevue, Issaquah, Kent and more contact Rainer Fencing & Decking. With more than 35 years in the fencing business you can trust the pros here. Call today at (253) 499-9108 to schedule a fencing consultation and make your dreams a reality!

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What's the Right Fence for Your Home?
Ornamental Fencing Adds Value